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Year Book: You will soon receive the Year Book for 2016-17. This is the third year we have produced a Year Book- it is lovely for you to keep. I am sure children and families will look at these Year Books in years to come…

Year Book:

You will soon receive the Year Book for 2016-17. This is the third year we have produced a Year Book- it is lovely for you to keep. I am sure children and families will look at these Year Books in years to come and remember happy days in Moreland. The book is a celebration of another fabulous year. Every class has a section and every child we are permitted to photograph is represented. We include just some of the events that have happened in the course of the year. Sincere thanks for the publication of the Year Book goes to Mr Quinton. We owe a great deal of appreciation to Slaughter and May Law firm for publishing the Year Books for us free of charge again this year!

School reports and end of year results:

I ask that you please collect your child’s report on the 13th or on Monday 18th when there will be a drop-in parent’s evening. If you need a longer conversation then you are welcome to arrange a separate appointment. Parents of Y2 and Y6 will be told how their children got on in their end of key stage tests. In year 2 every child has what is called a raw score which is compared to a scaled score from which we can see if children have achieved the expected standard in each test or not. Teachers are allowed to use their own judgement of whether they think children have achieved the standard and use evidence from children’s books.

In year 6 there is also a scaled score. 100 is the expected standard for each test. If a child achieves 100 or 100+ they are considered to be working at or above the expected standard. Above is also known a ‘greater depth’. The highest possible scale is 120, the lowest is 80. The year 6 reading, maths and SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) papers have all been externally marked by teachers from schools across the country, consultants and university students. The children have produced at least 6 pieces of writing which we are allowed to assess ourselves. Teachers in both year 6 and year 2 have been moderating (checking) papers and comparing children’s work with other Islington schools all year. A few teachers in Moreland and St Luke’s have been trained as moderators by the local authority so we feel very secure in our judgements of how well children have achieved. We have not been told by the DFE (Department for Education) how progress between end of reception, Y2 and Y6 will be calculated yet- we will be told in September. The important thing is that children in year 6 are leaving Moreland with the skills and knowledge they need for secondary school. They have received an excellent broad and balanced education and more because we actively prepare children for life and their futures giving them hope, aspirations and confidence in themselves- a good, solid foundation for secondary school with an eye to their possible futures as adults.

Parents of Y1 will also be told the results of the phonics test. Parents of other years- 3, 4 and 5 will not receive any levels because there are no levels in the new curriculum and no standardised tests. The National Curriculum has high expectations of what all children need to learn and we have assessed and tested children against these. We use a system called Target Tracker to track children’s progress and attainment. You will be able to see on your child’s report how he/ she is doing in broad terms compared to children in their class.




Reflection for 2016/17 school year:

We have had another busy year here at Moreland. I am very grateful to Miss Young, Mr Quinton, Catherine Lawrence, Catherine Bradley and the staff team for all that they do every day. We strive for children to make good progress within a happy school. We have a happy staff team which means that the children are happy in their school- happy to work hard and we do have a hard work ethic. And so another school year has almost past. Year 6 class will be moving on to secondary school. They have been a great year 6 class and I wish them every success and happiness in their new schools.

I have had another busy year in St Luke’s as well as in Moreland. Hard work is very much on the agenda in this school too and the children there are also making great progress.

End of Year Results 2016/17- very good news!

Phonics Screening Year 1 – June 2017 Year 2 retake – June 2017
Results 76%

3/4 = 75%

Total = 97%


*Year 2 – At Standard 2017 Results Islington 2016 National (2016)
Reading 83% 75% 74%
Writing 83% 68% 65%
Maths 87% 73% 73%


*Year 2 – Greater Depth 2017 Results Islington 2016 National (2016)
Reading 23% 23.9% 23.6%
Writing 13% 14.9% 13.3%
Maths 20% 20.9% 17.8%


Y6 – At standard


SATs results

2017 Teacher Assessments Islington 2016 National (2017)
Reading 92% 85% 66.6% 71%
Writing 85% 85% 79.4% 76%
Maths 92% 85% 73.9% 75%
SPAG 92% N/A 76.1% 77%
RWM 85% N/A 56.7% 61%

Y6 greater depth results will follow once we are told how these are measured.


Staffing September 2017:

There will be a few changes in staffing in September. Miss Young is leaving us unfortunately to become a head teacher of a school out of London. She has been an absolutely amazing head of school and I am very grateful to her for her hard work and dedication to Moreland. It was not an easy decision for her to make but the school is closer to home. Mr Quinton will be our new head of school. I am sure he will do a fine job. Miss Husbands is also sadly leaving us to be head of school also outside of London. As with Miss Young, Miss Husbands will be greatly missed. Fiona Horigan- head of the Children’s Centre is also leaving. Fiona has been a tower of strength in the Children’s Centre and has certainly left her mark. Some of our best staff often get promoted fortunately for them, unfortunately for us. Miss Walker will be teaching Y6 at St Luke’s for a year to share her wonderful expertise. Sometimes staff do work across both schools which is one of the benefits of being in a federation. Miss Walker will be working closely with Miss Kimyani. Mr Quinton is actually from St Luke’s. Miss Kimyani will take her current year 5 class up to year 6 and I know that she will do a fantastic job. Sam- nursery nurse is also leaving to have her baby! I will make sure she comes back! And Miss Walker! Catherine Lawrence has been promoted and will be deputy head- I am sure she will do very well.

New staff to welcome are Meral Karakas an experienced teacher who will be teaching year 5. Welcome Blanca our new experienced nursery teacher who will cover Emma’s maternity leave. Emma will not be going until October but Blanca is starting early so the children have consistency. Emma will support learning in early years and other classes.

Here are staffing arrangements for September:

Year Group


Teacher Teaching Assistants / support staff to be confirmed
Year Six Miss Kimyani Sue
Year Five Miss Karakas Briony
Year Four Miss Amissah Karen
Year Three Ms Umeh Homaira and Nicky
Year Two Miss Mitchell Homaira and Nicky
Year One Ms Murtagh Denise and Chelsea
Year Reception 1 Ruth Saira and Gladys
Year Reception 2 Megan Tina and Rahima
Year Nursery 1 Blanca Susan
Year Nursery 2 Mohammed Gwen
Two Year Olds Shereen Layla, Aklima, Victoria, Roxanne
Babies Bobby Emma, Imrana,

‘The voice of the child’- the top level:

I am really looking forward to sharing this strategy with you in September. It is centred on children, their world and how they see and perceive life and learning from 0 to year 6. It is about aiming high and rising to challenge and will build beautifully on what we already do as we prepare children for life. Year 6 will all be leading role models. We recently had head boy and head girl elections and I am delighted to tell you that our new head boy will be Erjon. Erjon will be very well supported by his deputy head boy Sulayman. Our new head girl will be Aya who will also be well support by deputy head girl Ahlam.


I would like to thank all these children as well as other children in year 5 who were not successfully elected for producing such thoughtful manifestos- it was a challenging election! Thank you also to our current head boy and girl Leo and Emilia for doing such a splendid job this year as well as all the children on school council.


Our new building and vast outside playgrounds and areas:

We are really enjoying the massive space we have outside. Even though we sold the top pitch and half of the early year’s playground we have not lost out. We will be putting more equipment and more structure into the playgrounds next year once I know if applications for funding have been successful. The official opening of our new school will be in September and a VIP will be performing this task. I will let you know details as soon as they are confirmed. We will certainly have a lovely ceremony. The City of London Academy move into 4 classrooms on the top floor in September. They will have use of smaller rooms there and the top roof playground, the hall for PE once a week and for one assembly. Their opening and closing times are different to ours so both schools will operate separately and independently. We are receiving a very substantial rent from them which we will talk to you about in the new year as together we decide what to spend it on- top priority being that the children fully benefit! The future is extremely bright for the children of Moreland- our Morelanders!

Big thank you:

We raised £213 for Grenfell and £239 for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital which is absolutely amazing- thank you so much.

Thank you for all your support with your children’s learning. Everything that you do with your child at home makes a difference. I hope to see you all at events in the next few weeks. The new term starts on Wednesday 6th September- have a lovely summer.

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