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Testing times: The time is here for us to assess and test all the children. Y6 statutory tests are next week. The Y6 reading and maths papers will be sent away to be externally marked whereas the writing assessments are all teacher marked and assessed…

Testing times:

The time is here for us to assess and test all the children. Y6 statutory tests are next week. The Y6 reading and maths papers will be sent away to be externally marked whereas the writing assessments are all teacher marked and assessed but we can be checked by the local authority at any time. Children in Y2 also sit statutory tests but the teacher marks these and the test just informs our assessment and judgement of how well the children are learning. Children in nursery, reception and Y1 are assessed by their teachers who will be looking to see how much they have learned and progressed since September. The Y3-Y5 tests are non-statutory but we still need to do these because it is useful to know how much learning children can remember. We have been sensitively and carefully preparing the children for their tests, encouraging confidence and assurance just to do the best they can. Please make sure your child attends school every day in the next few weeks, on time, ready to learn, as always.

Your views:

Please see the attached annual questionnaire. It is an opportunity for you to tell the governors and me how you view the school and share any ideas you may have. If you have any concerns, I would hope that you would not wait for a questionnaire to air these, that you would see either me, Miss Young, Catherine Lawrence, Mr Quinton or your child’s teacher so that we can sort out any problems straight away. Issues do sometimes arise in school with children because they are children and they are learning social skills. Please return the forms by Monday 22nd May and give them to your child’s class teacher or to the office team. The children will also be completing their questionnaire. I will let you know the outcomes in the next newsletter.

Congratulations Denise:

I am delighted to tell you that Denise recently won a national ‘Breakfast Club Leader’ award sponsored by Greggs. Greggs have generously supported Moreland for years now and Denise very dutifully collects the bread each week. Breakfast club is a lovely time when children of all ages enjoy their breakfast; they play and have a lovely time. Thank you Denise for all your hard work and for caring so much for the children of Moreland, making breakfast club an enjoyable experience. Thanks also to Briony and Karen for supporting Denise.

New playgrounds and gardens:

You will have seen that the builders and landscapers are making great progress. We expect to be finished by early June. The junior builders, Emma and Peter buried our time capsule in a safe place recently with precious facts, work and photographs from life at Moreland as we know it that may well one day be dug up when it is time to improve the grounds- hopefully not for fifty or so years! We will be digging up the time capsule from the 1960’s under the top pitch once work is underway to build houses here later this year. The children can then see what children from the 1960’s put in their capsule and what the school was like then.

We are really looking forward to our large multi- purpose playgrounds, pond, rain garden, ecology trail, allotments, cycle and running track and to having lots of room for the children to run and play. This is in addition to the sky gardens on the roof! We are all very excited.

Moreland building has certainly generated a lot of interest from the world of architecture and construction. Our architects- Haverstock and builders Morgan Sindall have both been nominated for national industry awards! In addition we have been invited to be part of ‘Open House London’- the capital’s largest annual festival of architecture and design on 16 September. Moreland will open its doors alongside buildings of historic interest and more modern buildings and it is a great honour to be selected.

I am still working hard to get a member of the Royal family to officially open our new school. As soon as I have more details I will let you know.


Our value for this half term is perseverance which includes hope and strength. It is essential our children live in hope for their futures, that they are positive and curious about life and that they have the determination and strength to achieve as much as they can. Teaching children to persevere, to keep trying even if they find something difficult, encouraging them until they are mature enough to be independent is also important. This is particularly relevant in these testing times. Anything that you can contribute at home, all your support and encouragement will help children to join up their life at school and their life outside of school which will very much help them to thrive. Have a lovely weekend.

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